Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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September 1836 Saturday 17. Arrived from the Vasse Mr Kellam Empd. Bobby oxen Sunday 18. performed Divine Service Bobby oxen Monday 19th. Mr. Hurford Empd. Morticing Bobby oxen Tuesday 20th Mr. Hurford & Mr. Kellam Empd. Bobby oxen Wednesday 21 Mr Hurford Empd. Bobby oxen Thursday 22 XX- oxen to Mr. Hurford from 8½ until 1½ & from 2½ until Friday 23 Mr. H. at work Saturday 24 Sunday 25 Wm. oxen. Performed Divine Service Monday 26 Mr Kellam Empd. Tuesday 27. NW Mr Kellam Empd. Saw a Vessel in the Offing - near Cape Leuwin on approaching the beach saw his whale boats & some who told me they belonged to the Huntress an American Whaler back from St. Pauls Wednesday 28th NW. 69/12 Mr Kellam empd., Mr Hurford also - Fine Wr. very warm. 75 Pots to Capt. Cole of the Huntress U.S. Vessel Planted Potatoes. Thursday 29th NW. Mr Kellam employed - Bobby to oxen - went on board the Huntress and made some purchases. Friday 30th NW. several of the Crew belonging to the American Ship on Shore one of their men a Chopper. cut down a large tree with an axe in 17 Minutes [Page 54]