Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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October. Monday 10 West Bobby oxen. Planting Potatoes Tuesday 11 Do. Bobby oxen. Strong Gales & Squally Wr. some rain Planting Potatoes Wednesday 12 Bobby oxen. Do Wr. [...] [...] more modte. Planting potatoes. Thursday 13th Bobby oxen Planting Potatoes Friday 14 Bobby oxen. arrived the Amn Ship Huntress who landed Mr Herring & Shea after having them on board for ten days being constrained to take them to sea on the 2nd from the violence of the weather they were most humanely & kindly treated. Saturday 15. Bobby oxen. Sunday 16 NW. Bobby oxen read divine Service sermon on Drunkenness- Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. Monday 17 NW Bobby oxen. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. - some showers during the day Planting Potatoes Tuesday 18 West Some heavy Claps of Thunder during the night. The Rain at intervals a decided down pouring. Bobby oxen Signed Mr. Greens bill for August. - the Gale continues Wednesday 19. West Weather moderating. Bobby oxen. Gave Mr. Green Cash for his bill - order [...] [...] Mrs. Hepps 4.0.0 Cash £2.0.0. Thursday 20 NW. rainy at times & the wind increasing The Pony to Mr Green at 5/ per diem. gone to the Vasse. [Page 56]