Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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November 1836 Wednesday 9th Bobby oxen Mr Kellam at work Mowed the hay grass on the Town Grant. The sun was totally eclipsed to all appearance about 9 oClock The duration was about ½ an hour. Mr Hurford ½ this day at work Thursday 10 Bobby oxen Mr Kellam gardening Wellington to Gentle Friday 11 S.E Bobby oxen Mr Kellam at garden planted out Beet cave. Sowed Lettuce & Radishes. Saturday 12. Bobby oxen. Mr Kellam assisting in bringing in hay from Town Grant. Sunday 13 SW Bobby oxen Performed Divine Service Monday 14 Bobby oxen. Tuesday 15th Do Mr. Green returned from the Vasse planted out Cabbages. Wednesday 16. Bobby oxen. Thursday 17. Do. Mr. Hurford at work. Cashed Mr Greens bill Friday 18. Do. Do. Mr Kellam at work. Saturday 19 NW. Do. Mr Hurford & Mr Kellam employed Sunday 20. Do. Performed Divine Service. Homily Monday 21 Do. Mr Hurford at Cattle yard. Tuesday 22 South Do. Mr Hurford & Mr Kellam at work. Wednesday 23 Do Do Do. Strawberry on the Barley Thursday 24 W. Do. Do. Do. Friday 25 S.E. Do. Do. Do. Saturday 26. Do. Do. Do. Strawberry on the Barley Sunday 27 Do. Performed Divine Service. Sermon on [...], The natives at Herrings Potatoes Monday 28. Do. Tuesday 29 Do Wednesday 30 Do December Thursday 1. Do. Mr Hurford at work 1st day this week Friday 2nd NW. Do. Do. [Page 58]