Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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December Sunday 17th SE. Bobby oxen Private Service Mr Kellam called withdrawn Mr Ts Cow Monday 18th SE Bobby O.S. William loading timber. Mr Kellam here sowing Cape Seeds, Oranges Fir Cotton & [...]. Tuesday 19th SE. Bobby oxen Mr Kellam here thinning Onion. Mr Hurford at work William drew the remainder of timber, hoeing Potatoes Charged him about Baldwin & Mr Turner's Cattle & ours will unite Mr Turner to the Island Sealing Bundle [...]. Ginger Poll Primrose Wellington, Gentle absent Wednesday 20th S. Bobby oxen. Mr Hurford at work. William part of the day assisting him. Baldwin & other stragglers left behind, consequently often in Garden spoke to Bobby. William again did not secure the Lane, & Baldwin, Rufus &c on the Potatoes. A pair of Corduroys returned to Mr Turner. Brindle dislocated his neck. Mr Turner returned after a successful visit to St Alouaens. Thursday 21st S. Bobby oxen. Mr Hurford here. William aiding him & watering Mangel Wurzel. Mr Turner brought home Brindle's remains & offered me some for Dog's meat. Had 1 Dozen large nails from him for [...]. Gave to William 1 lb Coffee 2 lbs Sugar 12 lbs Beef 5 lbs flour for Rations. Churned. Friday 22nd S. Bobby oxen. Mr Hurford here. Mr Kellam to tea. One dozen more nails from Mr Turner. Saturday 23rd S.E. Bobby oxen. Mr Herring cut children's hair. Three plates to Mr Green one case bottle and 1 lb Raisins to Mr Hurford who was absent today Mr Kellam and William loading wood. The key & bolt broke. Sunday 25th [wrong date- should be 24] W. Xmas day. Bobby oxen. Service. William absent all day until 5 Fed the Pigs ourselves. Heavy rain and violent wind at night [Page 60]