Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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December Monday 26th NW. William with Cattle. Mr. Hurford here, much displeased with William as an assistant and requested some other hand Frequent showers until noon-day. 1-5 1/4 lb salt to Mr Turner to be returned in kind. Macfarlane here and very annoying Mr Turner sealing. Tuesday 27th W. William with Oxen. Mr Hurford & Kellam at work. Many showers. Wednesday 28th W. William with Oxen Mr Hurford at work. Strawberry last night in the Garden, trampled the beds, destroyed some Barley and Brocoli plants which I re-planted told William I should book it to him Cream lost her Prickers. Frequent showers especially last night. Thursday 29th S. William with Cattle. Baldwin turned out of the garden by Charlotte & Mr. Stimes. Logged him and drove all the [...] into Stock yard The little Turners at tea. Mr. Turner from [...] Island with 40 Mutton Birds. Heavy showers all day. Cream again lost her Prickers Friday 30th. S.E. Bobby with Oxen Wellington about our place and Mr Turners all day. Told William it was unpleasant to have to speak to him but Messers Kellam & Hurford sadly complained of his slackness at work, his reply was it was False. He came twice to me at Breakfast to speak on this & the last time told me as I had Mr Hurford & Mr Kellam I had better let him go as he could not work & that he wd go & speak to Mr Kellam concerning it, I told him not to be foolish to go on & do as well as he cd, he replied he must speak as they were not men to [...] I told him if he threw up his work I wd charge both his rations & days work so he absented himself until 2 or ½1, I had agreed Robt Lascom should come up as Mr Hurford was unable to proceed alone. William again told me he would come back to milk the cows if I pleased as he had been but he would not go to work that day, to which I replied I could not be subject to displeasure to work when he pleased, as another man was dependant on his aid [Page 61]