Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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December & he would have it looked into. Friday 30th SE. as he had been to the parties & they denied it I asserted I could even bring Mrs Heppingstone proof of Mr Kellam's assertion he said he wd have them on their oaths & "you too Ma'am" to which I made in reply he said he would go & I again told him if he did it would be at his own venture for I considered him as the Captain's hired servant until his return he came back & Mr Hurford can state what passed. Suffice it to say my last words to him were You will remember William if you go from Augusta you are not out of the Colony & Ginger Lightfoot & Gentle were but in your keeping and you have lost me two pairs of Prickers since Tuesday "I have told you all I have to say that I hold you as my hired servant until the Captain's return." Mr Hurford milked the Cows. Robt Lascom here ½ day. William left that Evening Saturday 31st SE. Bobby oxen Mr Hurford at work Nails from Mr Turner Cream lost her Pricker. The children & I took tea at Mr Turners being New Year's Eve. Mr Green not visible since Captain Molloy went. The three Cattle still absent. I find William has a weeks ration & [...] [...] items not returned. Got ½ ? Potatoes from Mr Hurford [Page 62]