Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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January 1837 Sunday 1st SE. Bobby oxen. Sergeant Quinn promised me Shea's service to reclaim the truant Cattle. William accompanied the soldiers of 21st to the Vasse this morning. The Sergt said he would have kept him until the Cattle were found, but I think this would have sanctioned what he asserted that "Mr Molloy had discharged him" besides I should have had to ration him "he told Charlotte on Saturday week he would go to the Swan as soon as his time was up." Monday 2nd S. Shea with Cattle. Mr Hurford here to milk & feed the Pigs Mrs Heppingstone from 5 p 7 to 15 past 6 I hoed Cabbage weeded. Sow thistles Do. Shea brought home the absent Cattle, but Gentle has gone dry. Tuesday 3rd S. Shea with Cattle. Mr Hurford to milk D. Primrose has lost her Prickers. Wednesday 4th S very hot 5 Native Fires. Shea with Cattle Mr Hurford to milk D Mary fell thro' the Floor Johnny nearly swallowed some shot, the Yearling got her head through the fence. Mr Herring very obligingly brought in water & offered his services. Charlotte scouting I, servant of all works Thursday 5th S. D or Do. Shea with Oxen Mr Hurford here to milk D. Mr Kellam & Bobby to mow Barley, as the shortest & best Method, a trivial shower falling, they gave up at 4.30 I sent Bobby over to clear Gentle's place. Mrs Guerin & three children here Friday 6th NW Shea with Oxen. Mr Kellam and Bobby mowing 2 hours raking [...] binding. Mrs McDermott called and returned to invite me to Mrs Turners, it being 12th night I went. [Page 63]