Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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January 1837 Friday 6th NW. and did not return until 2.30 am next morning. Remarkably heavy showers from 8 until Day Break. The dear children were with me, we each devised characters. I was Sarah Silence!! Sabina "Dorothy Drigglestack" and Mary "Capandria Corset" During the night the branch of a tree fell on one of Mr Turners best calves and particularly injured it. Mr Hurford to milk D. I heard from dearest Jack by Mr Bussell Saturday 7th NW. Shea with Oxen. The rains were so heavy as to prevent anything [...] continued in the Harvest field until 3 oclock when Bobby & Mr Kellam raked & bound until 5. I hoed Brocoli & Mangel Wurzel found innumerable Grubs. Mr Hurford here to milk D. (*This may account for the very loose manner in which the Corn was raked & which others have observed beside myself) Sunday 8th W. Bobby with oxen. Spoke to him for his reluctance to bring Water D. Mr Hurford here to milk D. C Bussell called. Received hints respecting Williams determination to quit Augusta. Slight showers Monday 9 NW. Bobby with oxen Mrs Heppingstone to wash. Tuesday 10th Bobby oxen. Mr Kellam came at 10 to 9 Hoed Mangel Wurzel, Cabbages, turned Sheaves, hoed Indian Corn and then commenced clearing the faded Flowers form Garden I was stupefied with Ironing & nervous form that execrable witch Polly. Mr Hurford here to milk D. Wednesday 11th Bobby with oxen. Mr Bussell & Mr Green called. Baking. I then gardened in the Italian Garden. Mr Hurford here to milk D. . Thursday 12th SE. Shea as orderly. Bobby with oxen. Messrs Hurford & Kellam fed and housed Barley Mr Hurford from 10 p 9 to 2.16m. Mr Kellam (at 10 p 9) the whole day at work in Flower Garden where I also have been working. Mr Hurford here to milk D. Ginger & Lightfoot absent LIghtfoot returned in the course of the night. [Page 64]