Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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January Monday 16th Mr Kellam declared he would not undertake to mow or [...] the outstanding crop & first gave one reason & then another for the manner in which the whole had been gathered, Bobby, hardness of rakes uneven ground looseness of the same, but evidently disatisfied with his own performance. Mr Hurford's Pigs on Stubble. Mr Hurford here to milk D Tuesday 17th S.E Bobby with oxen. returned very early this evening 5 minutes after 5. Busy ironing. Sabina's throat sore. Mr Hurford here to milk D Wednesday 18th SE. Hot & many native Fires Bobby with oxen. I pulled some of the Barley & had some of the Cattle turned on the Stubble. I heard? from Mr Hurford that our horses got on Mr Kellam's harvest field on Monday night and did damage to the amount of 1 Bushel having eaten & destroyed about 20 sheaves. NB. Wellington & Lightfoot were on it the former on Monday/see Monday's notice & Lightfoot on Thursday night, but it seems all to be placed to the account of the Horses. The corn might have been some time [...], but I saw Mr Kellam [...] hunting all the forenoon of Monday. The Calves on the Stubble Field for 2 hours each night Thursday 19th NW. very hot & many native Fires. Bobby with oxen. Large fires about Mr Hurford's Grant which added much to the intense heat of the day. Mr Hurford to milk D Friday 20th NW. Bobby O.S. Sabina's throat better. Churning but rather warm. Mr Hurford here to milk D Sowed Myrtle seed near well. Saturday 21st SE. Bobby with oxen. Busy servant of all works trimmed Melons. Shea here as orderly, informed me of the loss of a Lamb on Friday. Mr Hurford to milk D Sunday 22nd Johnny nine months old today. Strong gales from SE. Bobby with oxen. Ginger & Lightfoot absent. Mr Hurford to milk D Private service. Walked on Beach with my beloved Children. [Page 66]