Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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January 1837. Monday 23rd SE very stong Bobby with oxen. Mrs Heppingstone to wash and truly dilatory. Mr Kellam to reap Garden Barley from ½ p 2 to 20 p 5 Shea brought the intelligence of 2 sheep being much injured by a Native Dog one ewe it was necessary to kill she weighed 23 lbs & was served out the Ram though much injured may recover. Mr Hurford here D. Shea taken very ill Tuesday 24th SE. Bobby with oxen. The Ram so ill it was necessary to kill it. Besides what the Military had Mr Turner received 13 1/4 lbs. Wallace killed it & received 1/6. Busy ironing. Mrs Turner called. Hurford here Wednesday 25th S.E. Bobby with oxen. Wallace came at 1/4 p 11 & staid until 3 oclock The oxen at Gentle's place. Mr Hurford here D Thursday 26th SE. very warm. Bobby oxen. Wallace here from six to nine to clean Shoes and clean out the Cow House. Mr Hurford here. Johnny cut a fifth tooth. Friday 27th SE Bobby oxen. Got 3 lbs Butter from Mr C Bussell. Mr Hurford here Saturday 28th SE. Bobby with oxen. Trimmed the Melons. Very warm indeed Wallace here about 1 hour 1/2 removing Peas nine Peaches. Sunday 29th SE. Bobby with oxen. [some words scribbled out - the last word is 'Heppingstone'] very insolently spoke to me I am utterly wretched and shamefully left to bear the brunt of all things. Service at home The Natives reported two vessels seen off the Conicals walked on the Beach with my dear children Ginger and Grace absent Monday 30th W. Bobby with oxen. Mrs Heppingstone here. Wallace thrashed out some Peas. Mrs McDermott called. The children taken [...] [Page 67]