Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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January 1837. Monday 30 Mr Turner's Particularly heavy rain fell this morning. Grace & Ginger absent. Tuesday 31st SE & N Bobby with oxen The wind changed to the westward, but no signs of a vessel I [...] the sheaves, which Mr Kellam appears to have left to their fate Got down Indian Corn for the PIgs. A sale of damaged Flour took place at the Store which went for 2d1/4 per lb. The two Cattle still absent. Wednesday 1st Febry W very heavy showers. Bobby with oxen. The Barley still out. Many white Cockatoos about. Mr Green turned up the ground where stood the Pease. The two cattle returned Thursday 2nd SW. Frequent & very heavy showers all day Bobby with oxen. Churning. Mr C Bussell planting out some Brocoli. Mr Hurford complaining of the cows falling off through want of Food. Bobby home at 10 p 5. The natives at Mr Hurford's Potatoes. Grace, Ginger and LIghtfoot absent Friday 3rd S.W. Bobby oxen home at 5 p 5. The Cattle are barely fed. Spoke to Bobby who admits the same. The Children accompanied by Mr C Bussell walked to the spring. The Sergeant will lend assistance, but refuses to permit his men to flog the offending Natives Saturday 4th SE. strong Bobby with oxen. He & Mr Hurford housed the Barley 21 sheaves. Baked a cake, soaked Cloathes, planted Brocoli where the other had failed. The three Cattle returned, ordered the whole into Stubble field. Bobby home 20 p 5. A dog of some description worried Mr Hurford's hen near the well, but no visible vestige saving her feathers. Sunday 5th SW. Bobby oxen. Walked on the Beach after dinner. Johnny was bit by a Purple Ant. Mr Green called with a bad earache Mr Hurford recommended some small Potatoes to be dug for Pigs. [Page 68]