Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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February 1837 Monday 6th W. Bobby with oxen. I have gathered 18 Peaches in all 15 from the tree to westward. Busy all day mending Carpets. Tuesday 7th SE. Bobby with oxen Prepared the room for Mr Bunbury who did not arrive. Trimmed Melon beds until dark till quite knocked up when Polly made me totter like an Aspen Mr C Bussell gave me two [...]. The Natives were on Mrs Heppingstone's Potatoes. Wednesday 8th SE. Bobby with oxen. The Natives came early and would have been troublesome but for Messrs Herring & Bussell. Received 7.5½ lbs Fresh Pork from Mr Hurford. Busy cooking & baking A large native fire which burnt a little of the Fence and the other part had a very narrow escape from Mr Hurford's vigilance 27 Peaches Sabina had one of her front teeth extracted. Hung a Lantern on the Virgillia tree to frighten the natives Thursday 9th SE. Bobby with oxen. Busy cooking & baking. Slight showers. Mr C Bussell churned Friday 10th SE. Bobby with oxen. Shaking up Butter. Cut nine Cucumbers 54 Peaches. The cows came home well fed & gave much more milk Saturday 11th SE. Bobby with oxen Writing to Mrs Berkett. The Lady Stirling/Mr Curtis/ came in the evening and brought a letter from my dear Husband, but I and the dear children were much disappointed Received four pairs of shoes from Barker 2 pairs Charlotte Sunday 12th Strong Gale from SE. Bobby with oxen. Mr Curtis' boat got among the rocks and was dashed to pieces. I felt very unwell, Mr Green absent from duty [Page 69]