Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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February 1837 Monday 13th Violent from SE. with occasional showers. Bobby with oxen. Opened a cask of Flour. Discovered a cask of Beef. Mr Green called I warned him but to no purpose Bobby brought the news of the Schooner being in the bay we prepared again for Molloy but it seems, she must have stood out to sea. 80 Peaches. Charlotte Heppingstone to continue Tuesday 14th SE. strong Bobby oxen. Trimmed the Melon beds. Ironed. Writing to Mamma Mr Curtis called & I agreed to carry down his Potaotes if he landed my flour. Wednesday 15th SE more moderate Bobby Oxen Mr Hurford brought up 14 bags of Meat, and ad interim carted Seaweed for himself 92 Peaches. Mr C Bussell paid Mr Curtis for freight of Meat £1.15. Thursday 16th SE Henford Pork Bobby oxen. Mr Farlane troubles me & told me he & Wallace traded the cast he asked me for a glass of Spirit Received 55 lbs Pork from Mr Henford busy cooking. By Mr Curtis I sent my letter to Mrs Birkett also wrote to Mrs Cheyne and Barker & ordered 3 pairs new shoes sent two pairs to be repaired Received for Molloy from Mr Curtis 11/6. Friday 17 SE. Bobby oxen. Saturday 18 The Champion arrived in the afternoon. Messrs Belches Pollard Leake & Self passengers Bobby oxen Sunday 19 SE. Landed some goods the wind blowing fresh fron SW. Bobby oxen Monday 20 S.E S. Fresh gales & Cloudy the Champion wind bound - boat could not get off. Bobby oxen [Page 70]