Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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March 1837 Tuesday 7th NW Cloudy Wr fresh breezes Bobby oxen gathered peaches[?] [...] Wednesday 8th NW WNW Cloudy Wr & strong gales of wind attending heavy showers of rain which continued through the night Bobby oxen. 2 lbs of Tobacco to Wallace. Thursday 9th West WSW Squally with occasional showers - [...] of oil to Mr Hurford - Bobby oxen Friday 10th WSW Cloudy Wr. Bobby oxen - found abt. 3 inches of Lightfoot tail excised by some animal - could it be a native dog? Saturday 11th S.W. Cloudy with some light showers of rain. Bobby oxen. Sunday 12 S. S.W. Bobby oxen Read Divine Service. 3rd of Arnold Monday 13 SE. Bobby oxen - [...] up [...] 80 [...] Tuesday 14 S.E. Fine & clear Bobby oxen [Sentence crossed out - illegible] Wednesday 15. Bobby oxen - dug up some ta'toes - 4 lbs Shot to Bobby decanted some oil - a slight pain across the loins put on a Shelbroke belt found it relieved me Thursday 16. The Fanny whale boat arrived during the night caught 7 Seals Friday 17 NW West Bobby oxen - Mr Herrings potatoes stolen last night by the natives - many native fires a high increase the temperature to 83 in the shade at noon. Mr. Hurford came to take up potatoes. Saturday 18 NW West LIght airs & Cloudy Wr. succeeded by strong breezes from the West accompanied with rain at 7 oClock this mornng left the barracks with [...] & 4 men to look after some natives who had taken away some potatoes of Mr Herrings the night before last - saw traces of their fires but none of them in person [Page 72]