Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 18 September - 20 October 1832

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September 18.1832 Cygnet. I believe now our voyage has actually commenced beyond the possibility of a [...] scrub and I who have so often declared that a voyage must give occassion[sic] for daily and hourly interest find myself after two days at a loss for a subject on which to enlarge. Yesterday the 17 of September we left our dear Emily's hospitable little menage and found ourselves again on the bosom of the deep without even the charm of novelty to gild the pain of separation. My dear Mamma, Capel, Wm, Edward, Caroline Mrs. [...] and the Mowbrays accompanied us as far as St Helen's and whilst they were with us I felt that had they formed our cuddy party with some others almost as dear our Cygnet home might soon become as dear as the one we had left. The wind continued [Page 1]