Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 18 September - 20 October 1832

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to be quite authoratative Saturday 2 Emma very penitent The Mate appeared on deck for the first time The day passed with one idly enough I must confess it was very warm and close and I did little with the exception of reading and gossiping. Of the latter indeed I was heartily tired and Bessey and I stole away at 9½ and took refuge in my cabin where we remained in spite of the solicitations of Mr. Joseph Harris and Lenox who their utmost to induce us to return. Today we passed Madeira but without seeing it, There was a dispute in the cuddy in consequence of the steward's being sent to take away the wine before the gentlemen had concluded their potations. Of course this was resented and I was awakened from a delicious "siesta" by Mr. Harris's voice declaring [Page 21] [Frances Bussell made a mistake on this page- She wrote 'Saturday 2' followed by a crossed-out '6.' The '6' is actually correct- the previous page has 'Friday 5' and the next page has 'Sunday 7']