Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 18 September - 20 October 1832

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St Catherine's Hill and from the distance at which we viewed it (30 miles) was higher and more pointed. It proved to be the Isle of Palma the most easterly of the Canaries famous as Mr. Clarkson pronounced in his recitative tones "for cheese and Palma Wine. The appearance was curious the morning vapours still hanging around it and and there were some white fleecy clouds hovering midway and another resting upon the mountain so obviously that little George Leake exclaimed "Look where they have begun to cut the hill" and indeed they had almost the appearance of chalk pits. We seemed quite rivetted to the side of the ship straining our eyes to discern some indication of human existance It was very tantalizing was it not? The breeze was fresh and we had been proceeding at a rate from 7 to 9 [Page 27]