Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 18 September - 20 October 1832

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We have had the bulk head which separates Bessey's cabin from mine cut down half way which admits of a little cose at nights and gives us the advantage of a freer circulation of air. Bessey and I read "the Island" together to-day how familiar do all the images selected from the sea now seem to us. Thursday [...] in sight of St Jago Mr. Harris set off very early for the Island the bearer of letters from almost all our passengers and charged with commissions for fruit [...]. A busy day [...] but the earlier part of it was devoted to remarks and wonders upon the new style of scenery now opening upon us. My first emotions were those of unmixed admiration Mountain scenery had as much of novelty in it and distance lending its charm to the [perspect?.] indeed its really an "Isle of beauty" but on a [Page 39]