Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 18 September - 20 October 1832

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we were soon to feel for ourselves the intense heat the dead stillness in the air [...] look too clearly the approach of a tropical rain and experienced eyes soon foresaw the coming squall the hatches were put down the sails taken in and every preparation made while the rain decreased not in genial showers but in running streams Mr Harris was much alarmed and poor little [...] lay in his bed fast asleep so unconscious of every thing we were not frightened but I became so faint and sick that I was obliged to lie down and as once more Cabins were swamped I threw myself down in Mrs. H's sofa there to await the termination of an unpleasant but not an alarming day The appearance of the waves dashing against the sides of the ship and the dull lead coloured sky was exactly what [Page 47]