Letterbook of Joseph Vernon Bussell Containing Two Letters to Capel Carter 22 December 1832

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My dear Capel it has long been my intention to choose you for a correspondent so well knowing that anything concerning us is most interesting to you. I will begin from the period of our first landing at the Swan to the present time. When our things were first brought on shore I not being well was left behind with Pearce to look after them while John Charles and Alfred went up the river to see the Governor about a grant of land. While I was alone Captn. Burn used to pay me frequent visits in the Evening. Picture to yourself the Tent where we used to set the pole was surrounded with guns three double barrels, two single and three rifles, over them were hung four brace of pistols and two cutlasses, the table a slab of wood supported by three disks and our seats consisting of a (Sauspan [Page 1]