Letterbook of Joseph Vernon Bussell Containing Two Letters to Capel Carter 22 December 1832

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Colony contained, none of us wished to divide our force so we took small grants on the place fixed for the town just inside the mouth of the river, it is a very pretty place with good soil close down to the beach. The rainy season just commencing we set to work about a garden by way of saving seed for the following years but there was such an abundance of stone that we did not get much done. Melons however Cabbages and Carrots we managed to grow on a small scale. While these were getting on under the superintendence of Steven, an old man Charles and I fell in with on our passage from London to Portsmouth, perhaps you remember our having spoken of him we turned our thoughts towards building a house. The first thing we did was to get the frame up and thatch it with rushes which we have (in [Page 4]