Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY W.A. Division National Mutual Buildings 81 St George's Terrace PERTH Circular to Branches 6th March 1919 Dear Sir or Madam, - In view of the cessation of hostilities and the rapid return to Australia of the sick and wounded soldiers who are the particular care of the Red Cross. the Executive have been for some time giving very careful consideration to the future financial policy of the Division. Before sending a definite pronouncement on the matter, however, to the Branches the Committee had been waiting for an official statement from the Central Council in Melbourne as to the future needs of Red Cross work abroad. Unfortunately, however, it has not been possible, on account of the epidemic of Spanish Influenza there, to hold the necessary Meetings. The State Executive and Divisional Committee have, however, from the information available to them, carefully considered the matter and at the last Meeting of the Divisional Committee has passed the Resolution set out hereunder. It will be understood, of course, that this Resolution may be subject to adjustment when the official advice is received from Headquarters, and it is, therefore, to this extent only tentative:- "That the Branches be advised that UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE there is no necessity for their collecting money, that any moneys held by them can be used for the purchase of material for making up garments etc. required and if they have no funds we will supply the necessary materials from Headquarters" This Resolution does not in any way mean that the demand for clothing for use amongst sick and wounded soldiers in Western Australia is lessening and the following garments are still in very great demand:- pyjamas, dayshirts, and undershirts. So much is this the case that we have recently had to supplement, by large purchases from the Manufacturers, the garments received from the branches. Nor does it mean that there can be any slackening off of the work of the Foodstuffs Depot. The continually increasing numbers of sick and wounded soldiers returning to the State are accentuating the demands in both these sections of the Society's work. The Executive feel, however, that, for the present at any rate, it is not necessary for the Branches to proceed with the collecting of money. Yours faithfully, For The AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY (B.R.C.S.) Western Australian Division Henry Greig General Secretary.