Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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SHIRE OF GRENVILLE Memo from Alf. J. Smith Shire Secretary Shire Office Linton To The Secretary Roebourne Roads Board. Dear Sir, I received a telegram from you a month ago asking for information in regard to a soldier settler in our district named Henry Bassett. Inquiries have been made and I can now give you some particulars. Bassett took a block of about 330 acres on the Mt. Bute Soldier Settlement about five years ago. For the first two years he seemed to be holding his own but since then owing to loss of stock and for various other causes he has gone back considerably. Last year the Closer Settlement Board took most of his produce to pay their instalments with the consequence that he had no money for living expenses. He owes three years rates to the Shire Council and informed me that all the money he is receiving for his cream goes in groceries. Many of our soldier settlers are local men with relatives on farms in the district. These men can very often get help when required from this source but in Bassett's case he is isolated and the proposition is a harder one for him. If he had a little financial help just now he may get a footing and I would recommend assistance from your Board if funds are available. Yours faithfully Ay J Smith Shires