Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Victoria Mannibadan August 5 1926 To mayor & Councillors Roebourne Dear Sir I loving taken up land in this state under adverse conditions, owing to not having enough capital and high cost of machinery and often costs of other material to carry on farming here. I having no people here to get a helping hand as you all know that I was from over there and that I enlisted from the West twice and done two years and ten months in France. Well Sir I would leave here at once but I cannot stand the heat as I have chest complaint. I ask you if there is any fund's of any description to be allotted to the Soldiers so as to help them in time of need. I have a wife & two children to support, the first two years I spent all the money I had. The Board gave us money back for food last year was only £50.00