Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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for twelve months food and items including Doctors pills. This year the Clorer Settlement Board gave me nothing to live on it is getting worse every year we are just about starving. The store keeper has stopped credit. We owe him fifty pounds for 12 months tucker. If anybody can live on less than that and keep going I cannot do it. I had to buy my own house as we was living in a tent when we first came here. The winter was to severe to continue the same. It is of no use ask my father for help as I know he is not in a position to give me any. So I appeal to my home town's people for any assistance that they can give me to see me through this year. I have no cloths only what I stand up in. I have only one suite of cloths that I purchased on returning from the war. Wife and kids are in rags only just existing that is all you can say. The Shire rates was paused since coming on the Blocks our rates are £10/6 a year. I have paid them up till this last two years