Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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but cannot pay any more the way things are going. Last year we done our own harvesting so as to save us paying wages but it did not help us very much. I have worked for Mr J Withnell also his Brothers on different places. Also I think they will help you to help me in some way or other. Also this to Messrs Stone Bros. I have done good service for these people I think they should help you also as I am in need of help very urgent to carry me through this hard winter months. I am the only settler that has not got his own people to help him out of any rut he is in. Everything I have I had to pay for in hard cash. I again appeal to the people of Roebourne to try and do their best to help me make a living for the Wife and family. I wish you to make my need known far and wide. Trusting me to be yrs Sincerely H. C. Bassett