Corro War Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Roebourne, 24th March 1926 We beg to inform you that there are two accounts at the Union Bank of Australia Ltd., under the following names,


These accounts were operated on by the Treasurer, Mr. R.G. Glen and the secretary the late Mr. P. Abrahams. Since the death of Mr. Abrahams, no person has been appointed in his stead as secretary, and until a new on is appointed, the money cannot be utilised. Mr. V.A. Suhard was the Chairman and it is over two years since we had a meeting. We now suggest to you Ladies and Gentlemen, that a secretary be appointed viz, Mr. T. Stove, and the money be withdrawn from the Union Bank and dealt with as follows,

ROEBOURNE HONOUR BOARD. account to be transferred to the Savings bank in the name of the chairman and secretary of the Roebourne Road Board, whoever they may be, and it will bear interest, and some money will always be required for repairs to the Honour Stone.

ROEBOURNE WAR SERVICE. We respectively suggest it be given towards the erection of a good lighting plant for the Roebourne Hospital.

The names of the committee we can find in the minute book are, Mesdames, C. Bassett, A.V.Wyatt, T. Stove, M Suhard, also Messrs, T. Stove, H.J. Watson, V.A. Suhard (Chairman) R.G. Glen (Treasurer).

Any person wishing to see the minute book, can do so by calling at the office of Dalgety & Co. Ltd.

We wish you to vote on the enclosed slip, and answer the following questions so as we can finalise the two accounts.

Yours faithfully, ???? CHAIRMAN ???? TREASURER