Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Rules for the Roeburne Red Cross Committee

1 The name of the branch shall be the Roebourne Red Cross Committee.

2 The objects of the branch shall be to collect monies and articles for forwarding to Headquarter Perth.

3. The affairs of the branch shall be managed by a committee of as many as may be considered necessary at a general meeting which shall include the Chairman ,Treasurer ,and secretary ,who shall be Ex Officio members.

4. A general meeting shall be held in January to elect new office bearers at least 7 days notice being given of such meeting to each member. A report for the past year shall also be presented together with audited statements of receipts and payments.

5. The committee meeting shall be held on the second friday in each month at the Council Chambers, or as often as may be found necessary to deal with the work of the branch.

6. The duties of the Chairman shall be to preside at all meetings of the branch and to have casting vote on any motion before meeting, but on no deliberative vote.

7. In the absence of the Chairman the members present may appoint their own Chairman for that meeting.

8. The Secretary shall keep record of all meetings and record same in minute book kept for that purpose ,such minutes being confirmed at the subsequent meeting and signed by the Chairman ,also conduct all correspondence of branch, pay all monies received to the Treasurer, and prepare such statements of the work of the branch as may be deemed necessary by the executive of this branch.

9.The Treasurer will pay all monies into the bank received for the branch and assist the Secretary in the work of the branch.

10. Two auditors shall be appointed at a committee meeting one month before a general meeting to audit accounts to be presented at general meeting.

11. All payments to be made by cheque, and signed by Treasurer and Secretary

12. Five members at any meeting to form a quorum.

13. These rules may be altered at any time at a general meeting held for that purpose, 7 days notice being given to members showing alterations to be made, but alterations shall be subject to approval of headquarters.

14. All collecting lists shall be signed by Chairman or Secretary of this Rx branch.

F.C. Miller Hon Sect