Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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See No. 341 Minutes General Meeting Red Cross Fund held in Council Chambers Tuesday May 30th 1916. Mr R.G. Glen voted to the chair. Mr. Glen then addressed the meeting saying he had been asked to call a meeting to appoint a committee to help the present Sect to carry on with the good work of the Red Cross Fund. Mr. P. Sukroo proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the present Secretary Mr. F. C. Miller for the able manner in which the Red Cross work had been carried during the period of the war, pointing out the amount of money which had already been send from their district. The Secret Sect then read all correspondence received from the head office Perth also a letter from Mrs. M. Maunsell Treasurer tending her resignation from that position. President on the motion of Dr. Maunsell seconded by Mr. Sukroo. Mr. R. G Glen was appointed President. Sect on Motion of Mr. T. Stove seconded by Mr. Gill. Mr. F. C. Miller was selected as Secretary. Treasurer on Motion of Mr. F. C. Miller seconded by Mr. Harbutt. Mr. T. Stove was elected as Treasurer. Committee on the motion of Dr. Maunsell seconded by Mr. Anderson the committee to consist of 7. 4 committee President, Sect and Treasurer. Mr. Anderson proposed messers P. Gill, P. Sukroo. C. Thurlow, Mr. Hawkins seconded by Mr. Stove. Mr. Gill then moved an amendment that the gents committee consist of 8 members, as the ladies committee consisted of seven seconded by Mr. Harbutt. Mr. Anderson was then proposed by Mr. Gill seconded by Mr. Harbutt. Ladies Committee - Moved by Dr. Maunsell that following ladies be elected on the committee seconded by Mr. Gill. Mesdames Flinder Truslove, Sukroo, Gill, Anderson, Wyatt, Thurlow.