Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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General Meeting Continued Late Treasurer Resignation. Motion by Mr Harbult recorded by Mr Stove that lect with to Mrs Maunsell saying her resignation had been accepted with regret also thanking her for hearty manner in which she had worked for the Red Cross Fund. Ladies committee. Preferred by Mr Millar les by Mr Gill ladies committee combine with gentlemen committee and all work to fether. chariman. on motion of Mr Anderson recorded by Mr Harbutt the chairman to have his own vote also casting vote in event of even voting her Glen raid the Roads Board would be pleased to place the Roads Board would be pleased to place council chambers at the disporal of the Red Cross Fund and this be kept there. Mr Anderson said he would build a cupboard for this purpose. Mr Glen promised to supply the material for this purpose. On motion of Mr Lukuro recorded by Mr Gill the Roads Board offer be accepted and a note of thanks be passed to Mr Glen and Mr anbenon for their kind offer. There being no further business the meeting closed with a hearty ^ vote of things to the chairman.

Confirmed l. Maeenwell act cha 19.1.17