Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Minutes Committee Meeting held at the Council Chambers Tuesday May 30th 1916 Banking a/c Proposed by Mr Gill sec by Mr Sukroo that Sect and Treasurer act on Bank also a/c be opened and called Roebourne Red Cross Committee. Meetings Motion by Mr Hawkin sec by Mr Gill committee meetings be held second Friday in each month or as often as necessary. Book on motion of Mr Sukroo seconded by Mr Stove all necessary books be purchased by Sect. a/c on motion Mr Hawkin sec by Mr Sukroo Northam Times a/c be passed for payment 12/6 Taking over on motion of Mr Anderson sec by Mr Gill over President Treasurer go through books and take over monies from F.C. Miller. Stamp on motion of Mr Gill sec by Mr Hawkin Sect obtain rubber stamp with Roebourne Red Cross Fund, Sect and Treasurer on it. Race Club on motion of Mr Anderson sec by Mr Gill Sect write to Nor West Jockey Club asking permission to allow Ladies committee to run tea booth on the 2 days races, proceeds to go to Red Cross Fund. Board Proposed by Mr Miller sec by Mr Gill sect see Mr Watson and ask permission to place a notice board on verandah his for Red Cross Fund and Mrs Thurlow be asked to paint same.