Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Gymkhana - Motion by Mr Miller seconded by Mr Stove that Gymkhana be held on Recreation ground on Wednesday July 21st commencing at 2:30pm admission to ground by silver coin. Afternoon tea - on the motion of Mrs Flinders seconded by Mrs Gill afternoon tea be sold on the ground at 6 per cup. School children - on the motion of Mr Hawkins seconded by Mr Stove. Mrs Gill be authorised to collect 3 per week from school children for Billy Can Fund for our soldiers at the front. Sub Committee - a sub committee was formed consisting of Messer's Sukroo, Gill, Hawkins to Sect to draw up a programe for sports. Mr T Stove to organise a buck jumping competition. Donation - Mrs Thurlow said Mrs Ramsammy Cossack was donating a ham for the Ladies Tea Booth and Mr Ramsammy a to be raffled. Sect asked to place notices up with regards to forthcoming Gymkhana. There being no further business, meeting closed with a vote of thanks to Chairman. At a ladies meeting held immediately after the above meeting, it was decided to collect material for tea booth from Residents. Sect volunteered to visit everyone asking them what they would give towards to hard affair and also ask them to leave it at the council chambers. To be conveyed to Race course by sulky lent by Mr Anderson and Mr T Stoves horse.