Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Committee Meeting Continued Dance: Proposed by Mr Stove seconded by Mr Sukroo a dance be held at the Jubilee Hall on Friday July 28th admission by collection. Dance to be from 8p.m to 12a.m Sect to see Mrs Shaw re hall. Sect also see Mr Harbutt re playing at dance Sports: after discussion it was decided to leave sports over till next meeting There being no further busines the meeting closed with a hearty note of thanks to the Chairman on the motion of Mr Stove seconded by Mr Sukroo. The Secretary asked the committee to assist him in trying to stop people outside from spreading reports around re running Red cross Raffles and Dancers for his own benifit which was endorsed by the Chairman Mr R. G. Glen Confirmed 11/8/16 R. G. Glen Chairman R G Glen 11/8/16 Chairman