Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Minutes Committee Meeting Aug 11th Council Chambers

Present: Messrs, Anderson, Glen, Hawkins, Gill, Sukroo, Miller, Mesdames Sukroo, Anderson, Gill, Truslove, Flinders, Thurslow. Minutes: on Motion of Mr Hawkins sec by Mr Gill. Minutes be adopted as read.

a/c: on motion Mr Anderson Wigg & Co a/c for 71- and 6/2 be passed for payment. 

Correspondence: on motion of Mr Hawkins sec. by Mr Anderson correspondence be received and dealt with. Lands downer: on Motion of Mr anderson sec. by Mr Hawkins Lord Lansdon. Letter: Letter be left over until next meeting. Art Union: on motion Mr Hawkins see by Mr anderson Sect. Tickets: get necessary amount of books from Northern Times. New Rules on motion of Mr Hawkins sec by Mr Anderson new rules as read be adopted subject to approval from Head Office. Donkey: on motion of Mr Anderson sec. by Mr Gill sect dispose of donkey at best advantage to fund. Money: on motion of Mr Gill sec. by Mr Hawkins money be held in Bank until reply received from Head office as to disbursement of same. Piano: moved by Mr Hawkins sec. by Mr Gill sect write to Mr Wheeler saying committee not accepted his cheque for piano. Ball: moved by Mr Anderson sec. by Mr Gill Fancy Dress Ball be held on 8th + 9th of Sept. Moved by Mr Anderson sec by Mr Hawkins Ball be held at Jubilee Hall subject to Mrs Shaw letting Hall. Tickets: moved by Mr Anderson sec by Mr Hawkins sent wire to Headland to secure tickets for F.D.B. double tickets 3/6 single 2/6. Children: proposed by Mrs Flinders sec by Mrs Sukroo children be free and a collection be taken up for adults. second night. Mandoling: Proposed by Mr Hawkes sec by Mr Gill. Mr l. Thurlowbe be authorised to raffe mandolene at 2/- a ticket on Tableland. Sports: Proposed by Mr Anderson sec by Mr Hawkins sect see Mr Darrack re off of £10 towards sport fund.