Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Committee Meeting Aug 11th continued On motion of Mr Anderson sec by Mr Hawkins next meeting be held third Friday in Sept owing Ball taking place on second Friday. Sub committee - On motion Mr Sukroo sec by Mr Hawkins, a sub committee be formed to fix day for sports in went Mr Darroch giving money. Sub committee consists of Messers, Sukroo, Gill and Anderson Sect. Cantata - On motion Mr Hawkins sec, by Mr Sukroo, Mrs Andersons kind offering a Cantata be accepted and held on Oct 18th. Sect instructed to write letter of thanks to Mrs Appleton for donation of articles to fund. Also letter of thanks to Mrs J Fisher for donation of looking glass. Also note of thanks to Mrs Sukroo for donation of programme. Mrs Thurlow volunteered to paint half and Mrs Glen the other half. The meeting closed with vote of thanks to chairman. R. S Glen Chairman 15/9/16.