Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Committee Meeting Continued.. Lord Lansdown Appeal - On motion of Mr stove sec by Mr Hawkins that we assist our day on Oct 19th by donation out of funds on hand of £15. Cantata - On motion of Mr Hawkins sec by Mr Thurlow the Cantata which was being held on Oct 18th be held over until Nov 10th 1916 owing to unforseen circumstances arising. Balance sheet - Balance Sheet for Fancy Dress Ball showed a balance to date of £41-13-3. Important Concert - On motion of Mr Sukroo sec by Mr Anderson and important concert be held over Sat Sept 23rd in aid of the Y.M.C.A at the Victoria Hall admission by collection. Badys - On motion of Mr Hawkins sec by Mr Stove secty action be endorsed re ordering 200 buttons for sale to help appeal made by Y.M.C.A. Committee - on motion of Mr Sukroo sec by Mr Gill Chairman, Treasurer, and secty form committee to organise important concert on Sept 23rd Night Watchman - On motion Mr Stove sec by Mr Hawkins secty see Mr Gillam and ask him to pick out a suitable man for night watchman at Radio Station, who must me a returned soldier and this committee pay his expenses up from south if necessary out of funds on hand. 13/10/16 Chairman.