Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Committee Meeting Oct 13th Council Chambers Present - Messers. Glen, Anderson, Sukroo, Hawkins, Gill, Mesdames Sukroo, Anderson, Gill, Trunlove. Minutes - On the motion of Mr Gill sec by Mr Anderson minutes previous meeting be confirmed as read a/c - on motion of Mr Anderson sec by Mr Gill following a/c be passed for payment. Tram fares from Sampson to Roebourne for two returned soldiers 4/- 2/4 postage & wires. Correspondence - On motion Mr Gill sec by Mr Hawkins correspondence be received as read and dealt with Mrs Thurlow's resignation - on motion of Mr Sukroo sec by Mr Hawkins Mrs Thurlow's resignation committee be received with respect. Nightwatch mars Fare - on motion of Mr Hawkins sec by Mr Anderson sect write and thank Mr H. Gillian for his kindness in picking out man, and also for advancing his fare, same to be paid out of this fund £ 8 - 18 - 6. Mrs Fishers Letter - on motion Mr Anderson sec by Mr Hawkins sect write and acknowledge receipt Mrs Fishers letter re piano and says nothing further be done by this committee until letter received from her son George, as this committee understands she has written to him re the piano Flannel - Sect see Mr Flinders and ask him to lock two rolls of flannel up presented by Mrs Church until Wednesday oct 18 th 1916 Money for H.Q. - Proposed by Mr Anderson sec by by Mr Gill that the original proposition of July 14th be carried out and the sum of £ 40 be forwarded on to H.Q. donation from this fund Concert - on the motion of Mr Gill sec by Mr Truslove, Tickets for childrens concert be 3/6 double and if single and sect see Victoria and Jubilee Hotels re loan of hall to hold concert at.