Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Minutes Committee meeting held Council Chambers Nov. 17th 1916 Present - Madams Flinders, Sukroo, Truslove, Anderson, Gill, Wyatt, and Messer's Glen, Anderson, Gill, Stove, Sukroo and Hawkins, the Secty being unavoidably absent. Minutes - moved by Mr. Gill seconded by Mr. Sukroo that minutes be passed as read, Accounts - moved by Mr. Anderson seconded by Mr. Gill that the following a/c/ be passed for payment, Watson and c/o 9/- Wigg and Son 3/2, Petty Cash 5/2 Balance - Sheet for Concert Profit to date was £23-10-6 a hearty vote of thanks was tendered to Mrs. Anderson for her successful effort on the motion of Mr. Stove seconded by Mr. Gill. YMCA Raffle Cloth - £17.16 was handed in by Mrs. Gill for raffle of tablecloth of YMCA, Total proceeds amounted to £18.15. 19/- being held by Secretary, a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs. Gill was passed on the motion of Mr. Stove seconded by Mr. Sukroo. Correspondence - YMCA enclosing receipt of £46.5. Red Cross Sect, Lord Landsdown Day for £15, Henry Gillan receipt for £8.18, Red Cross Society receipt for £40, Mrs. Fisher re piano and R. C. Fisher.