Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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January 19th 1917 General Meeting The annual General Meeting of the Red Cross was held at the Council Chambers Roebourne on January 19th 1917 present Dr Maunsell in chair Messrs T. Stove, Hawkins, Gill, Mills, Naughton, Sukroo & madame's Sukroo Flinders Gill Stove Wyatt naughton Thurlow. Proposed Dr. Maunsell seconded Mr Fill that Mr Sukroo take minutes of meeting carried. Books unaudited & no Balance Sheet produced from late Secretary who was absent. Committee - The election of new committee for ensuing twelve months was then proceeded with on motion Mr Sukroo seconded by Mr Hawkins. President - Dr Maunsell was elected president carried. Treasurer - Proposed Mr Gill seconded Mr Hawkins. Mr Stone be reelected Treasurer carried. Secretary - Proposed Mr Sukroo seconded Mr FIll that Mr Abraham, be elected Secretary Carried. Auditors - Proposed Mr Stone seconded Mr Fill that Messrs W.S. Barne & W.S.Flinders be asked to act as auditors carried Committee - Proposed Dr. Maunsell that committee be same number as previous year seconded Mr Hawkins Carried the following committee duly elected Messrs Hawkins Gill, Stove, Anderson, Sukroo, Glen, Abraham & Miller Madames Sukroo, Henders, Gill, Stove, Wyatt, Truslove & Anderson Chairman Committee - Proposed Mr Fill seconded Mr Hawkins that Mr Flew be reelected Chairman of Committee after discussion it was decided to leave position over until first committee meeting as there was no further business the meeting