Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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On 25th April 1917 Anzac night they was Concert held at the Jubilee Hotel the following Ladies and Gentleman help Madames Allen, Anderson, Ferguson, Rogers, Withnell and Glen, Messrs Ramirez Hinders Kruger and Corter Messrs Suhard and Harbutt any Sehaul Childerns the sum of £9-14-0 was collected and the sum of £2-6-0 was by goods auction presented by Madames Farrell, Sukroo, Ramsamy and Gill A.Shetland Shawl was raffle presented by Mrs. J. Anderson for the sum of £4-13-0 The boxes from the following Hotel was open the amount was £3-18-0 The sum of £20-11-0 was placed to the credit of Red Cross in the Union Bank J.P.Gill Act. Chairman 11/5/17