Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Minutes of Red Cross Committee meeting held at Council Chambers June 8th 1917. Present Misses Glen, Anderson Gill & Sukroo Madames Hinders Sukroo Wyatt. Anderson, Gill and Secretary Abstain Pros by Mr Gill second by Mr Anderson that the Previous minutes be accepted Accounts pros by Mr Gill seconded by Mr Anderson the following are be paid Messrs Krisger 19/8 & See fing 1/2/9 to for payment Correspondence pros by Mr Gill second Mr Anderson that they be received Pros by Mr. Anderson second by Mr Sukroo that £40 be sent to Red Cross Society Perth next mail Pros by Mr. Anderson second by Mr Gill to collect funds for sale of work some future day also write to station owners a managers for sheep. Meeting closed with hearty note of thanks to the Chairman Mr Glen (signature) 20/7/17 H. Glen Chairman