Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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A meeting was held at Council Chambers on 2nd Aug 1917 to form a new Society Pros by Mr Anderson second by Dr Maunsell that the name of the New Society be The Roebourne War Service Society "carried" Pro by Dr Maunsell second by Mr Sukroo that Mr P. Suhard be Chairman and "President" carried Pros by Mr Sukroo second by Mr T Stove that P. Abraham be secretary Pros by Dr Maunsell second Mr Wheeldon that Mr Stove be treasurer Committee Messrs Gill, Anderson, Sukroo, Glen, Dr Maunsell, Wheeldon, Brooker, Wheeler & Rev Thomson Ladies Committee Madames Gill, Wyatt, Anderson Flinders Stove Sukroo Farrell Suhard Maunsell Pros by Mr Anderson second by Mr Gill That seven be quoram including the Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary "Carried" Pros by Mr Sukroo second by Mr T. Stove that this Society meet every second Friday in the month. Pros by Mr Gill second by Mr Anderson to have a Childrens King & Queen Carnival Nomination to be sixpence and one penny per vote Mrs Gill to collect for the girls, Mrs Wyatt for the boys Pros by Dr. Maunsell second by Mr Gill vote of thanks to the Chairman Carried Abraham 10/8/17