Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Meeting of the War Service Society was held at Council Chambers on 10th August 1917. Present Chairman M.R. Cuhand, messer Sukroo Glen, Wheeldon, Wheeler Anderson & Gill Madame Sukroo, Farell, Stove, Gill, Anderson, Flinders & Myall secretary Abraham Pros by Mr. Sukroo Second by Mr.Gill that the Previous minutes be confirmed Mr. Glen apologise for the Hon Treasurer Mr.T.Stove being absent on account of a bad head Pros by Mr Gill second by Mr Glen to hold a Dance & Entertainment & to closed the hill for riding for the King & Queen 9.30 .p.m. sharp Pros by Mr. Sukroo second by Mr.flew to have The Entertainment at Victoria Hall "carried" Pros. by Mr. Gill second by Mr Anderson to hold all Entertainment Alternalily Victoria and Jubilee Hall "Carried" Pros by Mr. Anderson second by Mr Glen that the Carnival to be held on Tuesday 28 aug at 8 o clock Pros by Mrs Gill second by Mr.Glen that the Rev. Mr Thomson to the Crowning Pros by Mrs Gill Second by Mr Wheeler has Mrs Stove to go around to the Roebourne People & ask to assist in refreshment for supper Pros by Mr. Gill second by Mr Glen In evening the Child with the most votes not been Present in the Hall the next on the list to be crowned Pros by Mr. Anderson second by Mr Wheeler that messis Flew Sukroo to look after the comfort of the Childrens bellies. Pros by Mr Gill second by Mr Sukroo note of thanks to the Chairman (signature) oct9 Chairman