Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Meeting of the War Service Society was held at the Council Chambers on the 12th Oct 1917 Present Messrs Suhard (Chairman) Stove Sukroo, Anderson, Gill, Madames Gill, Farrell Anderson, Hinders Tapper Miss S. Kain & Secretary Abraham Mrs Hinders apologize for absence Mrs Wyatt Mr. Sukroo apologise for absence Mrs Sukroo Abraham apologise for absence Mr Wheeldon Pros by Mr T. Stove second by Mr Sukroo that the previous minutes be confirmed Pros by Mr T. Stove second by Mr Sukroo that the correspondence be received Pros by Mr Sukroo second by Mr T. Stove if the British Red Cross collection on 18th October be under £20 the balance to be made up by this Society carried. Mrs Anderson giving the gentleman Booby prize Mr. Suhard the Ladies Booby prize for second party on the 18th October Pros by Mr T. Stove second by Mr Anderson that a letter of condolence be sent to Mr & Mrs C. Bassett Pros by Mr T. Stove second by Sukroo vote of thanks to the Chairman Meeting Closed. (signature) R.G.Glen Actg Chairman. Collection for British Red Cross at a dance organise by Mr Wheeler £15-11-0 Collection for B. R. Cross on the 18th Oct was £18-0-6 the amount sent to Perth £33-3-6 expensed 8/- for cards