Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Meeting a Ruel now Resrice foeiely was held at Council Chamber on the 13th Dec 1917. Present: Mr Fuhand Chairman messers Slove, Anderson, Sukroo, Glen and wheelelow, Madamers Sukroo, Farell, Parry and Mrs Kain Sectary Abraham. Pros Mr Glen seconded by Mr T. Slove that the preivous minutes be confirmed correspondences. Pros by Mr T. Slove by Mr Glen they the seconds. Pros by Mr T. Slove second by Mr Glen the l20 be sent to the Red Cross Perth Carried. Pros by Mr J. Stive second by Mr Wheeldlow that the sports at Cossack New years Day, to be on behalf of the War Service Socity funds, the Sport find Committee Messns Slove, Wheeldlow and Anderson and Chairman also the Ladies Committee. Pros by Mr Wheeldlow second by Mr Anderson that all future entertainment have to ask permission of new levied society and procede to be left in their hand for distinction carried. Pros by Mr T, Slove feemd Mr Futerd note of thanks to our Chairperson meeting closed R.S.Glen Chairman (signature)