Red Cross Minutes for the City of Karratha

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Meeting of the War Service Society was held at the Council Chambers on 8th Feb 1918 Present Chairman Mr Suhard, Mr T. Stove, Mr Anderson, Dr Maunsell, Mr Wheeldon, Mr Glen, Madames Sukroo, Parry & Farrell Secretary Abraham minutes in previous meeting was read on the motion Mr T. Stove second Mr Glen they be informed Correspondence pros by Mr Stove second by Mr Glen they be received Auditor Pros by Mr Glen second by Dr Maunsell that Mr Wheeldon act as honorary Auditor Honour Board pros by Dr Maunsell second by Mr T. Stove the Roe. War Service Society send out subscription list for an Honour Board and to be hung in a public place Pros by Mr Glen second by Mr Wheeldon the Honour Board to hang in Council Chambers Amendment of Dr. Maunsell second by Mr T. Stove that the Honour Board be placed in Charged of Roe Roads Board and for them to ask the Commonwealth to allow the H.B. to be placed at the post office. The Amendment was put to the meeting five was in favour The Proposition was put to the meeting they was five votes The chairman was in favour of a Public Meeting to decide where the