Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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direction of ACHA BABA. he stated he could not - that they now only had two in the south. Note:- I always take reports of work done in G.O.C. about 9 to 9-30 p.m. & the G.O.C. almost invariably expresses satisfaction with the work done, & particularly with alert observations of the Artillery June 13 Sunday again - 8 weeks since we landed. Went well out to the left today & through trenches with Major B. BROWNE & had a good look at Enemys works. I think the works on JOHNSTONS JOLLY is an enclosed work a REDOUBT. This has been a fairly quiet day for us, although it opened with a vigorous bombardment at the Enemy on our # R. & L. flanks by[...] the (1) BACHANNTE & DORIS, with what effect I cannot say. Very tired & done up after rounds this morning- June 14th The morning opened with heavy shell fire all round from I think nearly all Enemy Guns. D.H.Qs got it one shell burst right in front of our DUG OUT. if the enemy only knew it he could easily shell us out - many caslts on the Beach - 1 poor sailor with slight ailment in Hospital killed. After breakfast accompanied 58 (1) cruisers # Right Left