Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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June 16th Day started cold & a little rain dull all day so far as weather concerned. Enemy opened up at about midday, from about 18 Guns of various sorts in about eleven different positions & gave us a pretty warm time of it. I am bad again today & had to resume low diet. it is very extraordinary I am drafting plans for Machine Gun empnt under hostile shell fire not knowing one minute from the next that the next shell won't land in my "Dug Out". We had a good many casualties but no gunners killed. We had one Gun No. 2 HUGHES knocked out. The Enemy has fired about 16 diff. types of Shell at us during the time we have been here including 14" H.E. - 11" H.E. 9" H.E. 8" H.E. 4" H.E. 6" C. Naval 15 pd, Field 14 pd [...] 11 pdr Howitzers 3 pd Combination H.E. & shrapnell about 16 pd & Field 14 pdr & M. 11 pd shrapnell. Note: At the S.G.Cs request I prept plans & quantities for M. G. emplt today. I think our Artillery fire today all round was very effective. June 17 At request of G.O.C. made an inspection of No. 2 Sect with regard to construction of M. Gun emplacements in reinforced concrete & also on their present [Page] 61