Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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our Troops (the Artillery I mean) The training in digging in & concealment, passage of obstacles & night firing have borne good fruit here. Last night some huge casks of claret & a keg of whiskey came ashore I think from the wreck of the TRIUMPH. The men rushed & despite the enemys opening shrapnell fire on them killing 2 & wounding 2, they got the wine & also many of them drunk too. Our Artificers have done splendid work here in repairing Guns so severely damaged by Enemy. We have now a little workshop fixed up. June 18th Usual rounds of Inspections. Saw Col. Brown (Smiler Brown 'Infy' afterward killed) & had a talk to him about his M. G. pits & then emplacements his are fairly good but pits could be improved. Gave Maj. Martin A.E.s directions for making new Road in rear[ ] No. 2 Section. Enemy fired a few rounds on BEACH tonight about 11-0 p.m. we did not reply. June 19th Did not go out in morning but up to BROWNES in afternoon. Maj MILES returned from CAPE HELES midday. Went up to BROWNES Baty & his & BURGESS OBS STNs in afternoon had several narrow shaves from Enemys shell fire - in addition to a lot of light shell enemy was firing 8" stuff, but did very little damage. Miles retd today from Cape HELLAS [Page] 63