Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. I (25 April 1915 to 14 January 1916)

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June 20 Perfect morning. Went up to BROWNES Baty & OBSn STN inspected PHILLIPS & BURGESS Batys very satisfactory- inspected new ROAD No. 2 Sect. Very seedy in morning had to return after meeting OS/C 2nd & 3rd Bde at BROWNES. About 10/30 p.m. heavy musketry fire took place all along the centre of our line, but I think it was only a demonstration. Heavy Gun firing down South. June 21st Feeling no better, did not go my usual rounds did office work, issued orders (Special) for redulling of Gun dets layers, etc & with regard to good discipline. Firing very heavy during night & up to noon down south. Got a letter dated May 14th from wife at last. Shell from Enemys Gun [ ] in direction of ANAFARTA falling at intervals during the day. June 22nd Went out to inspect [ ] new Road rear No. 2 Sect with Maj MARTIN & arranged way it is to go. Feeling very unwell (diarohea) (A.D.M.S. has ordered me to lay up for a few days) had to return to DUG OUT. Enemy continues to shell the vicinity of DIV H.Qs from ANAFARTA Gun & also shells the BEACH below us. An unfortunate soldier has just been struck swimming & taken from the water with the blood streaming down his body. [Page] 64